Alza Racing Savage Flux XL, Castle 1717 / MMM, high spec and heaps of spares etc.
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Thread: Alza Racing Savage Flux XL, Castle 1717 / MMM, high spec and heaps of spares etc.

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    Default Alza Racing Savage Flux XL, Castle 1717 / MMM, high spec and heaps of spares etc.

    Up for grabs, my Alza Racing Savage Flux XL with a good helping of spares and some extremely nice wheels.

    Not long since a complete rebuild, only been for a quick run on a track (around ten minutes) to ensure all's well. Full strip, clean, check, replace, lube and reassemble. It's tip-top, ready to fly and looks pretty good to boot.
    It's no shelf ornament, there's some scuffs associated with using such a truck but I've maintained this to a high standard.
    Everything works, there's nothing that crunches, grinds, hangs off, missing......I'm not some ratty little chav who can't string a coherent sentence together or talks from his ringer while trying to palm off a crap-pile to those looking to land themselves a nice RC.

    If you're serious then you'd be welcome to come and have a try, I'm right on the south coast, Bournemouth.

    I have everything to revert to HP spec other than the Tork 2200 motor.


    Alza Racing XL 5mm TVP set with Alza carbon XL bash plate, stainless hex fixings. Rebuild included a pair of brand new diff bulkheads, new centre transmisson case and front/rear skid-plates. New bearings used throughout.

    Alza XL motor plate, drilled for mounting the Blur ESC behind the motor using a Traxxas ESC bracket. Never had any ESC problems, this genuinely appears to be a good one. Castle link included.

    Castle Creations 1717 brushless motor with an RW Racing 17t pinion. A real brute of a motor, must be the most suitable heart for a truck like this. Bought as a new/unused item from Germany. Upon arrival it was utterly pristine, no signs of use or even previous fitment. Box included.

    Alza motor clamps to suit the 1717.

    New centre transmission case, HD drive gear, light weight gear set, HD 39t high speed idler gear, titanium top shaft. New bearings, new drive cups. Gearbox all shimmed nicely using HPI and Team Durango shims.

    Alza bulkhead brace kit, full set.

    EDIT chassis braces.

    Alza slipper locker.

    HPI a720 alloy shock set, fitted with Hellfire alloy caps, HPI 'red' 86555 big-bore springs. Freshly rebuilt, new TiNi shafts, new bladders and fresh Edit 35w silicone fluid. Bought new, box included and has the spare pistons etc. Some marks on the shock caps, nothing significant.

    Full HPI suspension conversion kit, adjustable camber, tie-rod delete rear hubs etc. Rear hubs show hits from gravel/stones, cosmetic only and not structural. Two of the outer pins have a slight bow, they're difficult to source and I was going to have some titanium ones made.
    Please note, this minor matter does not open the door to ridiculous pricing reductions.

    HPI SHD XL extended axles, few sessions old.

    HPI titanium turnbuckles with nifty alloy wrench.

    Bulletproof diffs with 50k fluid rear and 30k front. Lightning/Trophy hardened steel spider gears. Hellfire alloy gaskets, all shimmed correctly with new bearings, grommets and fresh fluid.

    Alza servo plate, drilled to fit a Traxxas waterproof receiver box. Steering is handled by a Hitec HS-7955TG v2 digital servo (rated at 24kg @6v), bought new, box and extras included. Losi alloy horn fitted.
    One of the plate braces has a slightly threaded screw hole, still using it as it grips. I have a new one as spare.

    HD servo saver spring and new bearings used to replace steering bushes.

    Ofna 17mm truggy dish wheels (orange) fitted with Pro-line Badlands MT tyres. Seen some use, hex fittings are 100% and tyres have loads of tread remaining. Shame all wheel/tyre combos aren't as good as these.

    Jon Miller sprayed HPI Gigante XL shell. Some battle damage included for FREE. Totally usable and still looks pretty good. Gorilla tape is my friend.

    Two Team Orion Carbon 4500 45c 3s LiPo packs, hardcase, Deans. All cells hit 4.20v, on occasion 4.19v. Better performing packs than the Turnigy 5000 ones I have.

    Two Turnigy 5000 3s 40-50c, Deans. One pack was stripped to find a broken connection. There was a tiny fracture which was soldered (professionally) and the pack reassembled, it balances well and performs exactly as it should. Other pack seems to have developed a dodgy cell, may have taken a slight knock along the way and appears erratic regarding voltage.


    Two complete bulletproof diffs with two BP bevel gears and drive cups, used but very little signs of wear. One assembled (20k fluid), other in pieces. Plenty of diff spares too.

    Bag of new Edit and rubber sealed bearings for hubs, steering, diffs etc.

    Standard Flux HP SHD axle set.

    Spare SHD dogbones plus some wonky, though servicable, ones.

    New HPI lightweight HD transmission gear.

    All original transmission gears and shafts, everything good.

    Full big-bore shock set, used. Recent silicone fluid (30w), bladders and gromets. Unused since rebuild. One cap is scuffed.

    New pair of hard anodised big-bore shock bodies.

    Two sets of HPI 'pink' standard shock springs and a new set of HPI 'Yellow' 86554 (firm) big-bore shock springs. Plenty of suspension options with different spring weights, pistons and fluid viscosity etc.

    Sway bar kit, medium and stiff bars included. Needs one new capture fitting as I've broken it due to using the Flux on really rough terrain. I'll be buying replacements (for whatever is needed on the whole thing) unless someone comes up with a mutually acceptable deal.

    Spare a-arms.

    Full set of standard upper arms.

    New pair of diff bulkheads with bearings.

    All hubs, carriers, tie-rods etc from the HP. Everything in good order.

    Unused Flux HP TVP set.

    Flux HP motor mount.

    Flux HP motor clamps.

    Flux HP ESC mount.

    New HPI Vorza ESC tray set.

    Large bag of assorted Flux HP specific HPI fixings.

    Some M4 and M3 stainless and HT hex fixings.

    Several diff gaskets, metal HPI and laser cut Innovative RC.

    Full set of SPI (1" offset) alloy 'Pro Stock' wheels fitted with HPI Dirt Claws tyres. Brilliant all-round combination, excellent condition. Need gluing again.

    Full set of SPI alloy wheels, as above, with Pro-line Badlands MT fitted. One or two need gluing again but wheels and tyres are in excellent condition. Around ten minutes use on grass.

    Full set of white Jconcepts Rulux truggy wheels fitted with VTEC Harakiri tyres and moulded inserts. Very good condition.

    Couple of used GT2 tyres, good tread.

    Full set of knackered Warlock wheels fitted with still very good GT2 tyres.

    Full set of Blast wheels with Phaltline on-road tyres. Knackered (hexes all good) but ok for messing about until they finally fly apart.

    Full set of Pro-line Bow-tie 40 series tyres and inserts. New.

    Full set of HPI Tremor wheels, white. New. Don't often appear in white.

    Bag of HPI and Team Durango spacers, shims, clips, gromets etc for gearbox, diffs, shocks.

    New big-bore shock bladders.

    Bag of HPI hinge pins, braces and joint bars. All good.

    Bag of shock spacers and fittings, pistons, spares, most unused.

    Full set of shock caps, new.

    Titanium upper pins.

    HPI titanium turnbuckles with matching wrench
    Bag of hexes, diff/axle pins, wheel nuts and 17mm buggy/truggy hex set with custom spacers.

    Golden Horizons aluminium steering assembly. Has a sheered fastener that needs extracting and replacing.

    Diff fluid, 30k and 50k.

    Brand new, unpainted Pro-Line Desert Rat SC shell.

    Savage Flux HP box and manual.

    Tatty Flux HP shell, still usable.

    £650. Wish I could have bought everything included for that price. Depending on interest (if any) I may split the package.
    Delivery can be arranged at cost but viewing first and a face-to-face deal is recommended. I would refuse to send this on the cheap too, fully insured only.
    I have flawless feedback everywhere I've traded, plenty of it.

    Drop me a line if you want any information etc.
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