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  1. Brushless Conversion of my Hyper 8.5 part 2

    by , 29-09-2012 at 09:22 AM (Brushless Conversion of my Hyper 8.5)
    So far everything had been stripped re-oiled and cleaned.


    This is the result I hope to get.


    Waiting on my conversion kit to arrive from the states.

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  2. Answer RC Winter Series Round 6 @ Deerdale Park

    Well I decided after the amount of fun had at round 5, despite the DNF, I just had to enter round 6 for some more fun.

    Talk about engine problems!!! In heat 1, just as the race started after the 4 min warm up, the Glow Plug gave out. How I managed to keep the little bugger running for 5.5 mins I don't know. Then after putting in a new plug for heat 2, we could not get top speed and she ran like a dog. Thanks to Tony Drabble having a play with the engine while I was marshalling, I ...

    Updated 27-03-2012 at 10:07 PM by zadsoft

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    Hobao Hyper 8.5 BRCA
  3. Update After 2 Gallon Of Nitro

    Well, over the last 8 weeks or so we have had plenty of running at Deerdale Park when the weather has permitted us too (and on occasion when it did not, lol). As this is my first intro to this kind of racing I have to say the car has behaved itself nicely and been alot of fun to drive. Deerdale is a very technical astro turf track with big jumps, tight corners and plenty to unbalance a car. But it is fun learning to fly.

    Once I started getting faster and more confident with the car ...

    Updated 27-03-2012 at 10:02 PM by zadsoft

    Hobao Hyper 8.5 BRCA
  4. Story Behind X Nitro RC

    Richard, 21, from Beeston, grew up in a two-bed house with his parents, four brothers and one sister. The family struggled to ensure they had enough money to make sure they had everything they needed, and as he grew up, Richardís childhood ambitions began to fade.
    As a child, I dreamed of becoming an electrician. But as I reached my teens, that idea began to fade and feel like I'd get nowhere because of my familyís lack of money. ...
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  5. My New Hobao Hyper 8.5 BRCA

    Just took delivery of my new Hobao Hyper 8.5 BRCA yesterday. Great service and speedy delivery from Modelsport UK, thanks lads.

    I picked this version as its non pull start and comes with a half decent starter box which means one less thing to buy. So the first job ended up being charging the gel cell and installing it in the starter box. This was subsequently mounted on a Pit Buddy ready for use.

    After admiring the cars looks, cleanliness (won't last) and taking some ...
    Hobao Hyper 8.5 BRCA
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